Pantherna┬┤s scientific platform is based on two technological pillars, the PTXmRNA and PTX_LNP, enabling optimized mRNA expression in the designated tissue for therapeutics purpose beyond vaccination. Novel PTX-mRNA-LNP are destined for transient expression of the desired therapeutic protein of interest via various administration routes. Current investigational development program PAN004 employs a three lipid moiety to generate pharmacologically distinct PTX-mRNA-LNP for the intravenous route to target exclusively the vascular endothelium of the lung.

Various novel PTX_LNP formulations are currently under development to address a broad spectrum of therapeutic applications. Because of this, we also team up with academic expert partners to investigate their suitability for a given medical condition. We are convinced that mRNA technologies will become a powerful pharmaceutical modality and we are striving to identify new potent mRNA therapeutics for diseases with high unmet medical need, including rare disease.

Ensuring top level protein expression


Combination of flanking PTX_UTRs optimized for robust target protein expression in vascular endothelial cells and other cell types

Module for protein secretion available

Superior expression over standard mRNA constructs

IP secured technology

Delivering to the right site



Next-generation PTX_LNP™ formulations for delivering PTXmRNA™ to various tissues and cell types

Formulations applicable for all different routes of administration

Scalable manufacturing

PTXcLNP™ enabling target protein expression in the vascular endothelium of the lung via the intravenous route

Modular lipid composition to generate novel LNPs

IP secured technology