Pantherna Therapeutics is a privately-held biopharmaceutical company developing first-in-class mRNA therapeutics.

Pantherna’s innovative technology platform has a focus on developing advanced nanoparticle solutions for the cell-selective delivery and expression of mRNA therapeutics. We are based in Hennigsdorf in the state of Brandenburg with laboratory facilities at the Bayer Pharma Campus in Berlin, Germany.

Our mission

Delivery technology-driven

mRNA-based drug development


Pantherna´s mRNA therapies are based on its two fundamental technology pillars, PTXmRNA™ and PTXΔLNP™, enabling robust expression of the desired protein in the correct clinical setting in order to exploit its therapeutic potential.

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Our current focus is the development of a systemic mRNA therapy for pulmonary edema by restoring endothelial cell function in the lung via expression of therapeutic proteins for vascular barrier stabilization in a highly spatial manner.

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Pantherna Therapeutics is open to all types of collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotech companies.We wish to partner our in-house development programs at the pre-clinical or clinical stage.

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Public funding


Pantherna is supported by public funding from the EU (EFRE). EFRE is provided by the State Brandenburg  through the program “ProFIT”:


#80258140/ 41 ProFIT:  „Vaskularspezifische Transportsysteme für Nukleinsäure in 16761 Hennigsdorf, Neuendorfstraße 20b“


Mit der Durchführung des AP#3, Thema: Untersuchung der in AP#1 erforschten Testformulierungen auf immunstimulierendes Potenzial anhand diverser Vergleichsmessungen von Lipid-und Polymer-Formulierungen“ (Zeitraum vom 15.4.2021-31.12.2022), wurde die  Helmholtz-Zentrum hereon GmbH, [Institut für Aktive Polymere, Hereon Teltow, Abteilung Stammzellmodifikation und Biomaterialien, Haus M, Raum 202, Kantstr. 55, D-14513 Teltow] beauftragt.

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