Successful follow-up financing for Pantherna Therapeutics’ development programs to fight Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a life-threatening respiratory failure of the lungs, induced by an excessive inflammatory reaction of the lung tissue as a result of infection with coronavirus (e.g. COVID-19). Severely affected survivors are often still unable to work for months to years. So far, no drug therapy for this life-threatening condition is available. Pantherna Therapeutics is developing a targeted therapy with a new mode of action that is intended to prevent fluid accumulation and tissue damage to the lungs. “The new funds raised allow Pantherna to expand its drug development activities, test and accelerate additional candidates”, says Klaus Giese, CEO at Pantherna Therapeutics.

Prof. Detlev Riesner, Qiagen-cofounder and private investor of several Biotech companies, points out: “As one of the investors of the new round I am very happy to support the acceleration of the development of the new drugs.” Dr. Anke Caßing, Senior Investment Manager at HTGF, adds: “We are very pleased about this further investment for Pantherna, with which the experienced team will significantly advance its development work.”