Pantherna Therapeutics teams up with University Medicine Rostock (UMR) on exploring new opportunities for mRNA therapy in ocular disease

Pantherna Therapeutics GmbH, a privately held German biotech company, developing new mRNA therapies, collaborates with UMR to research the therapeutic potential of its PTX-mRNA-LNP platform technologies in treating eye diseases connected to corneal endothelial dysfunction.  

Together with the laboratory of Prof. Fuchsluger, Director of the Department of Ophthalmology at UMR, the collaboration aims at analyzing the pharmacological suitability of new proprietary PTXDLNP® formulations for non-viral delivery of target mRNAs for the treatment of eye diseases.


Contact for additional information: 
Dr. Ansgar Santel, Head of Translational Research and Alliance Management  

T: +49(0)3302-202 240-0