Company update: Ansgar Santel appointed as new CEO

Hennigsdorf, May 3, 2024

As of today, Ansgar Santel acts as the new Chief Executive Officer and becomes an additional member of the Board of Managing Directors at Pantherna Therapeutics GmbH with Jörg Kaufmann and Gerrit Maass. Ansgar joined Pantherna in November 2021 as Head of Translational Research and Alliance Management. He has a wealth of experience in developing new innovative RNA therapies whilst exhibiting exceptional leadership qualities. We at Pantherna are proud to welcome Ansgar into his new role as CEO and are confident in his commitment to accelerating Pantherna’s innovation and success in the development of impactful RNA therapies.


Contact for additional information: 
Dr. Ansgar Santel, CEO

T: +49(0)3302-202 240-0